The Sinai desert, on the 6th of Sivan 2448, witnessed one of the most pivotal and dramatic
moments in Jewish history. 

The entire Jewish nation stood trembling in anticipation and awe around Har Sinai. The formerly
barren mountain now bloomed with vibrant greenery and was ablaze with fire. Thick clouds of
smoke rolled over the mountain peaks and streaks of lightning lit up the sky. Claps of thunder
and the sound of blasting horns filled the air, as the people below watched their leader Moshe
ascend the mountain. And then, G-d spoke.

The beauty and intensity of the moment the Jews received the Torah is tangible in the Matan
Torah picture featured in the From Exodus to Matan Torah art collection. In these
paintings—acrylic or metal wall art and canvas prints—the bold colors and gold tones embody
the awe and grandeur of G-d’s revelation and Matan Torah, literally, the giving of the Torah. It
was so important to me to communicate the intense feelings of that moment through the

K’ish Echad B’lev Echad, as “one man with one heart,” is a prominent theme of Matan Torah.
Every Jewish man, woman, and child stood at the mountain Har Sinai and in unison proclaimed
their whole-hearted acceptance of the Torah. The feeling of solidarity is expressed in this
collection of Judaica artwork from Exodus to The Procession, through Matan Torah.

Judaic Art

Jews celebrate the day they received the Torah each year during the holiday of Shavuot by
learning the Torah and decorating their homes with flowers to commemorate Har Sinai. The
momentous event, though, is remembered each day as the Torah dictates our daily Jewish life.

Judaic art prints of historical events connect us to our heritage. Seeing the throngs of people
walk through the high walls of water in the Kriyas Yam Suf Judaica wall art serves as a daily
reminder of the miracles G-d performed. Soaking in the holiness that emanates from the
Jerusalem at Dawn fine art connects us to the homeland. So many people buy Judaica abstract
art and Judaica art oil paintings as a means to connect to their culture and history. 

Judaic fine art is more than visual beauty. Jewish art inspires our souls. It commemorates our
history. Links our past. Touches our future.