Sometimes, I like awake at night and wonder why I’m not at my easel. I do most of my painting at night, when most regular folks are fast asleep. I need the lack of distraction that the day always brings. I need quiet, a cup of tea and maybe some nice music in the background to begin the process of getting in touch with my creative self.

You see, it doesn’t just “pop” out on demand. You have to nurture your creative self as you would a baby or a garden that you’re trying to grow.

For many years I neglected my artistic self – I’m happy I did. I was blessed with a family that needed my nurturing and attention and yes – creativity in its own right.

But now, in the past few years, I’ve had the time to come back and start again.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Every day we live, we have a chance to renew ourselves. Renew our commitments to what is important to us and to the people around us who are just as important.

So, let’s be grateful for everyday that is given to us. Let’s create and recreate those relationships that need nurturing. Let’s nurture ourselves as well, so we can be better people.

Art and creativity take many forms. Use your talents. Don’t be afraid to discover those aspects of yourself that you’ve ignored or denied.

You never know what wonderful things await you.

Rivka Lemberg

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