Matan Torah – The Giving of the Torah

The Sinai desert, on the 6th of Sivan 2448, witnessed one of the most pivotal and dramatic moments in Jewish history.  The entire Jewish nation stood trembling in anticipation and awe around Har Sinai. The formerly barren mountain now bloomed with vibrant greenery and was ablaze with fire. Thick clouds of smoke rolled over the […]


How does one define what home means to them?  A place where you feel safe, loved, have cherished memories.  I feel that today the emphasis in our lives has become so superficial that we forget the simplest things are often the most valuable.  It’s perhaps an oxymoron that someone like me who has never been […]


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted to paint at the big easel in the back of the classroom. Every day she would watch, enviously, as another child got to go to the back and paint to their heart’s delight. One day it was her turn – at last!  She poured […]

Night is for Painting

Sometimes, I like awake at night and wonder why I’m not at my easel. I do most of my painting at night, when most regular folks are fast asleep. I need the lack of distraction that the day always brings. I need quiet, a cup of tea and maybe some nice music in the background […]